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Equinunk Historical Society Hosts Unique Program on Monday, October 9th

The Equinunk Historical Society is hosting a remarkable program on Columbus Day, Monday, October 9th.

Richard Shaffer will present a program on "The Firsts of the Civil War" at the Society's annex at 1972 Pine Mill Rd. in the center of Equinunk, PA.

The Museum will open at noon; the program begins at 1:00 PM.

Mr. Shaffer has an intriguing list of these "Firsts" to share with us, starting with Aerial Reconnaissance, (balloons), and on to the the wide scale use of Anesthetics, high-speed printing presses, leading up to Iron Clad ships, starting with the first successful submarine, (the CSS Hunley.) He will continue his discussion with munitions, including rifled cannon, muskets and repeating rifles.

The program will continue with a question and answer period. If someone brings "grandpa's" old gun or other old weapon he will discuss its history with the owner. It is unusual for the Society to present a program on a week day, but this enjoyable diversion will provide an interesting and educational opportunity for the community to come together.

For more information or directions, please call 570-224-6722.

Please help us spread the word - this will be very interesting and informative!


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