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Can you help support these two projects EHS is tackling?

EHS Calder House Museum has been selected as the northernmost site on a new ART

TRAIL traversing the length of Wayne County along Route 191 and partially funded through

a grant from the Wayne County Community Foundation. This is a community led “Pocket

Park” project. Local artists are donating their time and artwork. Neighborhood volunteers

are donating time and services to make this happen for the whole community and visitors to

Wayne County. Additional funds are needed for material costs to prep the site for this

outdoor display.

The Joel Hill Sawmill offers free demonstrations of a water powered mill. We are requesting

grant money to dredge the mill pond of accumulated silt from recent years heavy rainfall and

damn repairs. We need to show community support for this project with some matching


Please call EHS at (570)224-6722 if you would like more information about these projects.

Your tax-deductible donation can be mailed to: Equinunk Historical Society, PO Box 41,

Equinunk, PA, 18417

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